• CESTA GIALLA (it means Yellow Basket)

    It is not simply charity for the poor of the favelas.


    Education and well-being for the people of the Brazilian favelas: we are keeping alive Elena’s legacy.

    Our organization is born of a project that was dear to Elena Piceni Roveda, whose example and dedication we want to continue to follow with her same enthusiasm and passion.

    We are a group of friends, who, for the last seventeen years, have constantly been working to bring about tangible improvement in some favelas of Brazil by promoting education and well-being of children and adolescents in need. This work, started by Father Giorgio Callegari in BRAZIL, continues everyday in various shelters for the meninos de rua and the faveladosi of the most impoverished communities of Sao Paulo and Peruibe. In an emerging Brazil, the plight of the poorest of the poor is only worsening. Father Giorgio’s shelters are beginning to get funding in order to feed the children, but at this time do not receive any funding towards their education. Our goal is to help these centers to this regard.

    Thanks to the generosity of all of our friends, each year we are able to give every child what we, in Italian, call “zainetto didattico,” or “educational backpack”. In Portuguese “Mochila didática”.


    Our concrete help.

    The Mochila didática is a tangible way to help children; it is what they need to build their future. It is at the heart of our project.


    The “Mochila didática” is filled with the basic needs for every child and adolescent in the shelters so that they can attend a year of school.


    The “Mochila didática” is our concrete way of lending a hand in the favelas: in the past, we worked to feed the children with “Ceste basiche” or baskets filled with food for those who needed it. Now that bodies have been nourished, it is time to nourish their mind with the “Mochila didática,” so that the meninos can study and secure their futures.


    We are collecting your valuable contributions and personally delivering them to the shelters in Brazil.

    The Mochila didática: even a small contribution allows us to achieve great things together.


    All it takes is one contribution of 20 Euros in order to purchase one Mochila didática (i.e allowing one child to go to school for one year).


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    Every year, we personally bring the “Mochila didática” for the children and adolescents housed in the shelters in Brazil: more mochilas means more education, and more education means a more secure future for the children.


    We deeply appreciate any kind contribution you can make, be it big or small. You can contribute at any time, and in any amount.

    Please transfer on Cesta Gialla Bank Account:

    BANCA PROSSIMA per le Imprese Sociali e le Comunità, filiale di Milano

    IBAN: IT68W0306909606100000119041



    Intestato a: Associazione Abaetè Italia

    causale: Cesta gialla.

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